SW11 – Battersea – Sambrook’s – Challenge the brewer!

Armed with a bottle of red wine and a box of chocolates, I intrepidly set out last week to a good friend of mine’s birthday. But don’t worry – I arrived – and have since come home (doesn’t always happen).

What I am trying to convey to you is that I was armed with wine! Yes – that’s right – not my usual aperitif of choice which would normally be a six-pack of deliciously chilled Red Stripe. Knowing full well that this was to be a sophisticated birthday party (the kind with Kettle Chips), chardonnay (no, OK my friend definitely has better taste than that) and respectable chatter, I think I was appropriately bottled up. I don’t think my six pack would have gone down too well (my other one might have).

NB. The kind of parties I normally go to, usually involve me imposing martial law on the music system at the end of the night (as the Scouser and others will testify), and playing something that I’ve been listening to on loop that week.

But hey! Slow down. Enough. Where was I? Beer. Yes, I like beer. But recently, and thanks to my inaugural attendance at the Battersea Beer Festival, I have become a fan of ale (there may be hope for my burgeoning sophistication yet). I blogged about my experience on the Lavender Hill community site too. What has peaked my interest, and ultimately this post, is that Sambrook’s – makers of one of my favourite ales, Wandle, and coincidently Battersea’s very own brewery – have started brewing a new spring ale to add to their collection.

A proper pale ale, needs a proper name, and, at this moment in time it doesn’t have one! If you have ever fancied challenging a brewer to a drinking competition then I think you’re absolutely mental, but if you want to Challenge the Brewer to rename this latest addition to the Sambrook’s family, then I urge you to get involved. You can submit your entry in one of four ways:

Email: paleale@sambrooksbrewery.co.uk
Text message: Start a text with Ale then a space, then your name for the ale to 07786 205 227
Tweet them: @sambrookale
Facebook: Sambrook’s Brewery

You’ve got until midnight on April 6th. The astute ones among you will realise that is tomorrow night. So, get your thinking caps on. Get those juices flowing with something to assist the creative process and don’t forget to send in your entries. Duncan Sambrook himself and his wonderful minions will be judging entries. For more information see their blog.

So it is Thursday night, I have limited work to do tomorrow. Who would like to join me and ease into the bank holiday weekend with one of these?

Sambrook's Ale

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