SW11 Battersea – The Fabulous Feast

Naughty, naughty blogger! No blogposts for ages. But before I chastise myself for a paragraph and you move elsewhere, I have the excellent excuse that I was away on holiday. In Morocco, in case you were wondering. A blogpost on my culinary travels is imminent.

Meanwhile, I’ve landed in back in south west London with a thud (that’s a metaphor, not a literal representation of my tagine-related bodyweight) and I’ve completely settled back into my old routines and kitchen habits.

It’s also nice to be greeted with a number of events on the culinary calender south of the river. First up this week, is The Fabulous Feast up on St John’s Hill in Battersea. I thought I’d jump in and tell you all about it now (before the self-indulgence of my holiday) because it starts today. Fortunately, it continues for the whole of this week.

And a fabulous feast The Fabulous Feast is! For those who aren’t personally acquainted with the lovely St John’s Hill in Battersea (the hill on the right as you turn out of the odious Clapham Junction station) it’s a road (wonders will never cease) with a huge array of restaurants and drinkeries. This week participating venues will be offering special £15 menus, showcasing the best of their culinary flair. I’m heading to Adulis to sample some Eritrean specialities. I will of course let you know how it goes.

And on Saturday 19th, you can be a fly on the wall (albeit much more hygienically), seeing what goes on behind the scenes of a restaurant – including watching demonstrations and understanding cooking processes, meeting suppliers and load more. The ‘open kitchen’ events will be organised and run by host venues. A list of confirmed events are listed on the St John’s Hill website. If you don’t fancy trying your hand at filleting fish at Fish Club (my top pick), then you can always just head to the street between 11am and 5pm, where the road will be lined with stalls full of ready-made goodies to tuck in to.

Sounds like that’s the weekend pretty much sorted then – and it is only Monday!

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