Birthday treats

I think it was my ninth birthday which completely put me off having my own party. It was in South Cave Leisure Centre. The boys were on one side of the hall and the girls were on the other. No one was dancing except my dear old gran, who at 4’11, wasn’t much taller than some of my primary school contemporaries. At nine years old we didn’t have the benefit of Jagerbombs to set the mood; I  think I had hoped serving my guests with bowls filled with Haribo might have given this party the sucrose injection it required.

It didn’t.

Fast forward in a mirage whirlpool to the present day…

I still hate my birthday. I hate organising it. The stress. Who will come? Will they like the venue? Will my nibbles turn out the way the picture looks? Will I manage to make it past 9.30pm? My birthday feels like organising a piss up in a brewery; sounds simple, but in reality the brewery doesn’t let reprobates in and it closes after 4pm.

I won’t tell you how old I am, but in my 2*th year, this birthday was going to be different. And it was.

This post needs few words. Here’s how it began.

Heading from Brixton to St John’s Hill, birthday brunch was a delicious celebration of eggs royale at Ben’s Canteen. Ben’s hollandaise sauce is one of the best I’ve tasted in London. Its buttery creaminess, while rich, gets tempered with an equilibrium-restoring streak of lemon juice.

It was my birthday, in case you were wondering why a pint was warranted at such an early hour.

Eggs Royale at Ben’s Canteen

Well that’s the excuse I’m sticking to.

Cake and candles was also provided by Ben’s Canteen. I loved their scotch egg themed cake.

Alright, just a scotch egg then – with a candle.

But his is not just a scotch egg. This is a vegetarian scotch egg. I made a wish for you all to experience it at least once in your lifetime. Thank you Ben for making it special (and runny, and delicious)!

Scotch egg

Birthday egg action!

Despite an incredible amount of egg action, and a fun-filled day at the Olympics, no birthday is actually complete without actual cake.

A very nice friend made these for me. I made no wishes for you to try these in your lifetime. Because wanted to eat them all.

Colourful cakes

And then the birthday ended, and I was one year older.

True story.