SW11 Battersea – Sambrook’s Brewery New Pale Ale

It is no secret that I like beer. Craft beer and real ale if we’re being specific (which reminds me – did you see my post on the Battersea Beer Festival?). So when I hear of a new pale ale being let loose into the world, my ears prick up. Actually, my ears start dancing -practically – when I hear that it’s a pale ale brewed in the Borough of Wandsworth!


So Sambrook’s (whom I have oft written about) are a Battersea-based brewery. Last month saw the launch of their new keg pale ale which was rolled out to nine different stockists (there could be more now, I’m not sure. Ask them on Twitter) in London. I know it sold out pretty darn quick at one pub in Shoreditch though. I tried the first batch of this pale ale at their Brewery Bash event back in September but since then, they’ve tweaked the recipe…the suspense is killing me.

And here it is!

Drum roll…

As you’ve probably noticed, craft keg beer (oh so popular at the moment), save for a few exceptions, has primarily been the contingent of the Americans and Europeans. But Sambrook’s have decided they’d like to try their hand at it making it, in addition to their usual cask ale. And hey – I’d like to lend a hand at trying it.

They’ve merged a traditional English cask recipe with a German lagering technique called krausening. It’s matured in a pressurised vessel for three weeks, meaning that it develops its own carbonation, yet  it retains all the flavour you expect of an English cask ale. The result is a light, fresh beer – with none of the floury / fruity aromas you get with some pale ales (not that I mind those).

Say what? They’ve only gone and opened a shop in the brewery too – you can buy a number of different beers and ales hand selected by none other than Duncan Sambrook. He’s got quite a good taste in beer, don’t you think? 😉

Sambrook’s Brewery Shop

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