SW11- Battersea – The Northcote Road Summer Fete

The Northcote Road Summer Fete is coming next week…

Northcote Road Summer Fete

The Northcote Road Summer Fete is coming to Battersea on Sunday 7th July, from 11am until 5pm. The whole road will be closed to traffic all day for the event – no parking and no buses! Imagine that, just pushchairs and people. I’m very excited about some of the main highlights of the event especially the ping pong tables which will be at various intervals along the road, plus there will be the Wimbledon Men’s Final on the big screen…C’mon Tim!

Oh hang on…

There’s going to be tons of visiting stall holders selling their wares including jewellery, handmade cards, photo frames, children’s clothing, cosmetics, snacks and much more.

What we’ve all been waiting to hear about is the delicious food and drink items which will be on offer. Word has it that there will be a traditional hog roast and barbecued food, Spanish tapas, an oyster an Champagne bar run by Fish Club, jugs of Pimms, real ale and gallons of wine. *Hic*!

There’s much more information at www.northcoterd.co.uk; on Facebook – www.facebook.com/NorthcoteRd and Twitter  – @Northcote_Rd. Ill be helping out at the event; so if you see someone maniacally running up and down the street with a lanyard and a hi-vis vest on, that’ll most likely be me.

See you there!

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