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The South West London Food Blog

Trying to blend into the sofa

Hi there I’m Heather and I started The South West London Food Blog in 2012. I’ve lived in south west London for almost five years and coming from a small village in East Yorkshire, I was completely overwhelmed with the sheer selection of ingredients you could buy so easily in London (previously in Hull, everyone used to fight over the last turnip). I’ve been cooking since I was old enough to hold a knife (some might say too young) and reading about London food, drink and markets completely (and still does) intrigue me. And never fails to make me salivate. Sometimes in public. As is the case with most bumpkins moving to the capital in their 20s, I could never really afford to eat out. But I tried, and this was my attempt to document it and keep up with the capital’s gastronomic culture. I don’t write about food just to be trendy (food blog yaah) and I couldn’t give a monkeys whether I’m seen eating the latest food trend – CHICKENMission or Dirty Pizza or whatever you call them.

While I have lived in a few parts of south west London – Clapham, Wimbledon, Battersea to name a few – I currently reside in Brixton. Other things you might want to know about me: I f***ing love noodles, I can handle my chilli, and you’re probably unlikely to see me without a gin and tonic in my hand…*







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  1. hi, please check us out, the woodman sw11

  2. Hi, I just moved to London, so looking forward to seeing your posts about the city!

  1. SW1 – Belgravia – Salmontini | The South West London Food Blog

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